About visitlab

visitlab is the research laboratory at the Faculty of Informatics at the Masaryk University. We perform fundamental and applied research in visualization, visual analysis, and computer graphics and their relation to virtual environments and graphics design.

Currently our research interests and projects are covering the fields of molecular visualization, security vis, geographical vis, VR vis, different spectrum signal visualization and artistic visualization. Furthermore we are open to collaborate on projects in other application areas as well.

Our lab tightly collaborates with the visualization groups at TU Wien, University of Bergen, Ulm University, University of Tübingen and Universidad Nacional del Sur.

We provide education in visualization and computer graphics on undergraduate, graduate, and PhD levels.

For more information, please contact Bara Kozlikova, the head of the laboratory, or visit us in the room A419 and A421.


Katka was in the far land of Denmark at that time.

  • Head professor: Bára Kozlíková
  • Associate professors: Jan Byška, Jirka Chmelík
  • PhD students: Katka Furmanová, Kristína Zákopčanová, Pavol Ulbrich, Matěj Lang, Tom Pšorn, Vojta Brůža, David Kuťák
  • Alumni: Mirka Jarešová, Dvd Kouřil, Adam Jurčík