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VCBM 2019 Important dates

The VCBM 2019 is slowly approaching and Renata and Bara released all the important dates for submission, reviews and everything else. See more at the official webpage of the conference.

Kahin Akram Hassan: User-Centered Evaluations in Information Visualization

Today happened a special event: our friend, colleague and one of the volunteers at EuroVIS 2018, Kahin, gave a lecture about the evaluations of proper visualisations in scientific papers. He came all the way from Linköping University in Sweden and will stay at FI for couple of days, until this Thursday. Lev was watching the lecture as well..

Let’s return from the VIS.

The crew just returned from the largest visualisation conference in the world. For three of us, it was the first experience, that should motivate us to write something incredible for the next year venue in Vancouver. In total there were 6 of us and we were missing Vojta deeply.

Let’s go to the VIS!

This weekend starts the largest visualisation conference in the world: IEEE VIS 2018 in Berlin and we are pretty excited about it. Of course we can’t miss such a huge opportunity (it lands in Europe only every 4 years) and all of us are going there, listening and talking to the brightest minds in visualisation today. So if you happen to be in Berlin next week, or in Germany, or in Europe, go there and

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Congratulations to Vojta for choosing such a wonderful wife

I know it’s almost one month after the wedding, but I’m supposed to write related work to a paper and I really really want to rise the beautiful ceremony Vojta and Terka had in the late summer. They went to Slovak Paradise national park for their honeymoon and the whole lab wishes them many more exciting trips.

Hello VisWorld!

This is the very first record of the VisItLab webpage. Soon it will be full of interesting projects and research, conferences from far abroad, potential bachelor and master thesis’ and much more. Stay tuned.