Ongoing Research Projects

Education in Collaborative Immersive Virtual Environments (EduInCIVE)

The project aims to design, develop, and test collaborative virtual environments for education, where more (physically remote) users can share and operate in the same virtual environment. The proposed modular system will support scenarios from various fields of education, namely from geography and foreign languages. A user study, testing the effectiveness of education in VR, will be part of the project.

  • Project Period: 6/2020 – 12/2023
  • Funding: TAČR
  • Project Identification: TL03000346
ChromeXplore: Interactive visual exploration of chromatin

The goal of the project is to design novel visual representations for the exploration of the dynamic behavior of chromatin fiber, enable comparative exploration of ensembles of fibers, and design appropriate abstracted flattened representations of the spatial organization of chromatin that would preserve selected geometric properties.

  • Project Period: 01/2023 – 12/2025
  • Funding: GAČR
  • Project Identification: GA23-05651S

Past Research Projects

Expressive Visualization of Protein Complexes

This project aimed to aid the biochemists with new visualization techniques to enhance the exploration of large ensembles of potential configurations of protein complexes, coming from different computational tools. By several integrated views, mostly very abstracted ones, our proposed COZOID tool supports the drill-down approach to narrowing down the set of biologically relevant configurations that are worth exploring in the 3D view and test in the laboratory.

  • Project Period: 03/2016 – 12/2018
  • Funding: GAMU
  • Project Identification: MUNI/M/0822/2015
Methods of Identification and Visualization of Tunnels for Flexible Ligands in Dynamic Proteins (FLigComp)

This project aimed to develop computational and visualization methods for detecting tunnels in proteins, based on motion planning approaches. The proposed methods are operating also on flexible ligands and molecular dynamics simulations of proteins.

  • Project Period: 01/2017 – 12/2019
  • Funding: GACR
  • Project Identification: GA17-07690S
Complex Analysis and Visualization of Large-scale Heterogeneous Data

The project aims to develop a distributed system for comprehensive analysis of big heterogeneous data – in particular, digital artifacts acquired during police investigations. Using an integrated uniform solution, the system will enable its users to analyze and visualize complex relationships and contexts of identifiable real-world entities, both by interactive data analyses and by continuous notifications about monitored activities (based on pre-defined behavior patterns).

  • Project Period: 01/2017 – 12/2020
  • Funding: MVCR
  • Project Identification: VI20172020096
CAVER VR – analýza a vizualizace proteinů v prostředí virtuální reality (CAVER VR)

The goal of this project was to enhance the existing CAVER Analyst tool by the option to explore protein structures and their dynamic simulations in virtual reality. CAVER VR transfers selected visualization modes and functions to VR and thus offers completely new experience.

  • Project Period: 04/2018 – 11/2018
  • Funding: FI MUNI Dean’s Programme
  • Project Identification: MUNI/33/03/2018
Visual Analysis of Protein-Ligand Interactions (PROLINT)

Within this project, we are using visual analysis for representing and understanding the interactions between proteins and ligands, with the applications in protein engineering and drug design.

  • Project Period: 03/2018 – 12/2020
  • Funding: DFG-GACR Cooperation
  • Project Identification: GC18-18647J
The SMC5/6 complex in nucleome organization

The goal of this project is to design novel visualization approaches to the visual representation and exploration of chromatin, strongly connected to the understanding of the role of SMC5/6 complex in these structures.

  • Project Period: 07/2020 – 04/2023
  • Funding: MŠMT
  • Project Identification: INTER-COST LTC20033